What if we could...

Support our neighbors!

Below you will find various initiatives of local nonprofits that are serving those in need right now – and other initiatives on the horizon that you can participate in.  Thank you for your consideration.


    • Furnish Hope for 20 Families In Need

      Furnish Hope is a nonprofit that uniquely serves the most marginalized in our region, filling a need that in the past has gone unmet. Bare dwellings are transformed into warm, inviting homes for people in need by providing basic home furnishings and household essentials. Thank you for your help furnishing homes for 20 families in our community during a time of increased need!
      $11,057.00 donated of $14,000.00 goal
    • Immediate and emergency tangible needs

      Every Child partners with DHS child welfare to provide immediate and emergency tangible needs to children entering into the foster care system or at high risk of entering into foster care. These funds would go only to providing quick response to these requests. Frequently requested items are: car seats, clothing, pack n plays and beds. If you would like to learn more about Every Child, visit us online at http://www.EveryChildCentralOregon.org.
      $4,401.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
    • NEEDED: Food Delivery Drivers (your neighborhood)

      WOW!! In less than 24 hours more than 42 plus another 20 people in the community raised their hand and volunteered to go to the Giving Plate and pick up a box of food and deliver it to a neighbor on their side of town. Over the next several months these hero's will be contacted on occasion and be given a delivery assignment. Thank you! Please consider some other giveback opportunities listed below on WhatIfWeCould.com
      $0.00 donated