What if we could...

Bite sized projects that help & give insight

The goal of WhatIfWeCould is to feature local nonprofits to a community that may not know who or what they do.  Rather than flash a logo and create “fund” projects, we feature a nonprofit 3x per year, featuring them differently each time.
– VOLUNTEERING: projects that give a peek into a specific aspect of the nonprofit.
– IN-KIND GIVING: projects that highlight certain needs, such as; diapers and baby wipes, or packs of hand sanitizers, specific needs we can fill.
– FUND RAISING: this is not a platform for raising all the money a nonprofit needs for the year.  Instead, it was designed to raise a modest amount of funds for a specific need, $2,500 or less.


    • Diapers Diapers Diapers

      (MountainStar Relief Nursery) DIAPERS DIAPERS DIAPERS It’s as simple as that - we need diapers! Preferably sizes infant to toddlers sizes 1-5. Our stock is depleted and we need more to keep up with demand! Our mothers come to us with the need and we hate to turn them away. Pick up as many as your car can hold and bring them by our offices at 2125 NE Daggett Ln, Bend. Make a Mom and baby happy today! Thank you so much for your consideration!
      $0.00 donated
    • Support One for $25 (Boys and Girls Club)

      (NOTE: There was offline donations made of $100 that is not reflected in the percentage above. We are still short, so please give here if you are able - all funds go directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Bend.) Here’s your chance to support 1 child for an entire year for only $25! Your $25 provides an annual membership scholarship to one child, allowing them access to the Club’s programs. Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend inspire and enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Thank you for your participation - it truly makes a difference in a kiddos life.
      $110.00 donated of $1,500.00 goal
    • Serve Those That Served Us! (Central Oregon Veterans Outreach)

      It’s a spring time clean up at a home for veterans in Bend. Central Oregon Veterans Outreach has an opportunity for us to give back to those that have given to us. From raking leaves to painting patios. It’s a bring your own tools event for just a couple of hours on a beautiful Central Oregon day. This will be a fantastic event bringing the community together, serving those that have served our country. Grab a friend and join in this awesome opportunity!
      $0.00 donated