Disabilities – What If We Could?


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  • Oregon Adaptive Sports

    OAS provides life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to individuals with disabilities. Participants gain confidence, build self-esteem and strive for independence leading to an enhanced quality of life. We envision a day when everyone has the benefits of outdoor recreation, regardless of ability. We see Central Oregon as a year-round destination for adaptive sports with OAS as the leader in providing state-of-the-art equipment, professional instruction, staff and dedicated volunteers, resulting in top quality experiences for our participants.
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  • Diversability Inc.

    Our mission is to build and strengthen community connections for individuals experiencing diversabilities and their families. Diversabilities cross cultural, ethnic, race, gender, socioeconomic and geographic boundaries; people experiencing diversabilities comprise the largest group of marginalized people on the planet. The goal and intention of Diversability Inc. programs and projects is to ensure that individuals with diversabilities are elevated to their potential and valued as citizens in our communities.
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