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Health & Well-being

  • Cascade Cannabis Association

    Cascade Cannabis Association (CCA) is an energized group of Central Oregon business leaders dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry in the region through responsible community collaboration, education and celebration. We work in support of our legal industry through cooperation with regulators and education of public and private sectors. We foster community through educational workshops, mixers, webinars and community events.
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  • New Each Morning

    Connecting Women Graduates of Recovery Programs to the resources they need to Succeed.
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  • Latino Community Association

    Our mission is to empower our Latino families to thrive by creating opportunities for advancement and building bridges that unite and strengthen our communities. We envision a cohesive and diverse region where all people are valued and empowered to participate and contribute to the health and prosperity of Central Oregon.
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  • Still Autistic

    The purpose of Still Autistic is… To provide services for the underserved adult autistic population (and any related support networks) including but not limited to: life skills development, job training and placement, professional workshops, community engagement, mental health and wellness services, social connection, and identification and connection to community partners and resources. To provide an open process by which members can contribute to and create a self supporting community.
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  • The Giving Plate

    The Giving Plate opened its doors in April 2010 through the efforts of Gary & Debra Kelso. Their Christ-centered passion was to serve the community during a poor economic time where many were struggling to make ends meet. Initially, they thought helping 500 families have food on their table would be amazing, but within months from opening they had registered that 500th family and they began to realize the need was much bigger than they ever imagined. The community need for food continued to rise at an astounding rate, and has not let up. At The Giving Plate we purpose to serve our guests with compassion and hospitality, and we are intentional in our efforts to remove the "clinical experience" of entering a food bank.
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  • KICKcancER

    We are a movement inspired to help families thrive through childhood cancer. Our goal is to empower through education—teaching the importance of real food, real health, and how to implement it into real life—both during and after treatment. How we make a difference: Donations go towards our 3 main programs. We send out Kickstart kits so families can implement natural solutions. We provide an online 30 day thrive program. Lastly, we empower cancer fighting athletes with our KICKcancER athletic scholarships to get them back out doing the things they love.
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  • High Desert Food & Farm Alliance

    Supporting a healthy and thriving food and farm network in Central Oregon through education, collaboration, and inclusivity.
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  • Rock Bottom Hope

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