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How it Works:

  • For every $100 donated, Express Eco Laundromat will donate $50
  • Express Eco Laundromat delivers Pre-loaded $25 gift cards to three local nonprofits, FAN, NeighborImpact and the Giving Plate
  • Nonprofits distribute the cards to the public

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly happens after I make a donation?


The funds will go directly to a dedicated account at BWR Eco Eastside, LLC, an Oregon company with a dba of Express Eco Laundromat.  Express Eco Laundromat will then deliver the pre-loaded $25 gift cards to the nonprofit organization (NPO) of your choice. You will receive an email letting you the delivery has been made, and there will be signatory proof from the NPO that they received the cards.

How are the gift cards distributed to those in need?


we are currently partnered with NeighborImpact, The Giving Plate and Family Access Network covering the vast majority of Central Oregon.  These NPO’s have a wide reach and work directly with several other NPO’s each and therefore the reach is deep into the community.

What is being done to let the public know of this needed resource?


Express Eco Laundromat is spreading the word directly and indirectly through all available organizations providing assistance to the public.  Express Eco Laundromat is also paying for Facebook and other directed ads to promote this resource with monies not from donations.

How are the Gift Cards used?


The cards will each be pre-loaded with $25. They can be used to start any washer or dryer at all the participating Express Eco Laundromat locations

How much is Express Eco Laundromat contributing?


Express Eco Laundromat will begin by matching at a 1:2 ratio. For every $100 donated, Express Eco Laundromat will contribute $50. For example, a $100 donation will see $150 in gift cards being distributed to the NPO’s.

Does Express Eco Laundromat profit from these donations?


As laundromat users begin to face financial hardships so does Express Eco Laundromat. This campaign is twofold. First and foremost, to provide people in need a resource to continue to be able to have clean laundry which is essential for proper hygiene and to help curb this pandemic. Secondly, Express Eco Laundromat does realize a small profit from this campaign and that helps ensure that our laundromats which account for vast majority of all laundromat users in Central Oregon are able to stay open as our expenses are not decreasing at this time of need.

Express Eco Laundromat will be carefully monitoring all available governmental aid resources to shore up its business and as long as a certain revenue threshold seems sustainable, we will be increasing our contribution up to a 1:1 with the donations. The increase in our contribution will be announced and reflected on this website.

What happens to excess donations that exceed demand for laundry assistance from the public


All donated funds will be going into a dedicated savings account. Any excess funds that cannot be used by the partner NPO’s will be returned to the respective donors. Detailed accounting of all funds received, cards issued, etc. will be available and sent to donors on request.