Local community needs are going unmet every day while those with a heart for philanthropy lack clarity on how to give intentionally. What If We Could is an online platform that unites individuals, non-profits and businesses to increase awareness and support for key initiatives.

WhatIfWeCould’s Community Portals feature campaigns of nonprofits enabling the community to link arms in support of local nonprofits. By listing your nonprofit, you can easily share your needs with the community, whether they be volunteer, in-kind or fundraising initiatives.

All local nonprofits can be listed free of charge, if you’ve not yet done so, click here to sign up. Below are options to enhance your presence with video and to be featured in the Calendar of Nonprofit Initiatives coming out in January, distributed through the SOURCE and delivered to businesses throughout Central Oregon.

Growing by sharing and partnering!

WhatIfWeCould’s marketing system is designed to do two things:

1)  ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT BASE OF SUPPORTERS to willfully share your organizations story.

  • With creative story telling initiatives, your base of support will be motivated to share
  • An abtasty.com case study, states that emails with {video} can increase your click-through open rate by 300%!

2)  BE SEEN – new donors and current donors alike want to see you seen, active and engaging.  Our marketing options below include featuring your organization throughout the year, supporting you when you need it most.

  • Web  WhatIfWeCould.com – showcases all participating nonprofits throughout the year – need to additional exposure, get featured for $50 per month featured
  • Print – WhatIfWeCould places full page ad in the SOURCE featuring nonprofit initiatives for that month.
  • Social Media – promotion of all active initiatives are featured throughout the month.
  • Print – ‘Together We Can’ – insert of nonprofit initiatives throughout the year featuring all local nonprofits, delux listings and featured articles, inserted in the SOURCE 1/7/2021.
  • Video – :30-:45 second video for your end of year campaign in 2020 – easily share video in email and social media – encouraging supporters to share.
  • End of Year Campaigns – featured in the digital edition of Central Oregon Gives 2020 & 2021.  *More than $575,000 was raised for local nonprofits in 2019!

WhatIfWeCould’s system features: Print, Video, Website & Social Media