Connect Your Community Through Crowdsourcing

Local community needs are often unaddressed despite the desire of business leaders to engage intentionally. WhatIfWeCould gives community leaders an online crowdsourcing platform to help them bring nonprofits and businesses together in innovative ways to elevate awareness and support for key initiatives.

Three Simple Steps For Getting Started

1. Community Giveback Portal

Connect with the team at WhatIfWeCould to set up Branded Community Giveback Portal

2. Work with Nonprofits to set up free listings

Work with WhatIfWeCould to send emails to non profit members offering a free listing on the community’s giveback portal

3. Business Program

Work with WhatIfWeCould to help local businesses align with local nonprofits in support through awareness and engagement.

WhatIfWeCould has created a crowdsourcing platform that helps nonprofits articulate their story, while allowing their supporters to become vested in specific initiatives through donations and volunteering. Crowdsourcing for community needs builds upon the success of traditional crowdfunding to help unite communities to provide much needed services and creative solutions.

The WhatIfWeCould Community Giveback Portal unites communities and gives businesses a platform to contribute to and share crowdsourcing activities with their unique audience. This can expand the reach of nonprofits and help them gain additional supporters – both financially and otherwise.

Businesses of all sizes can make a difference for local nonprofit initiatives by taking the pledge to use their social media and marketing channels each month to mobilize their contact base and encourage them to engage through volunteer, in-kind and fundraising initiatives. With businesses leveraging their brands, a larger share of the community will see, become aware of and support the good works of valued local nonprofits.

Connect with the team at WhatIfWeCould today to learn more about:

How Community Leaders can use Crowdsourcing to Unite Nonprofits and Businesses.