Hello, my name is Rys (Reese), welcome to WhatIfWeCould, thank you for your interest in learning more.

Is your organization hitting on all cylinders, or are you inadvertently missing opportunities because your team is spread a bit too thin?

WhatIfWeCould comes alongside and supports your team with a marketing system that initiates action with your supporters and the community.

The last 15 years have brought me experiences in working with nonprofits and businesses alike in developing web, social media strategies and managing marketing budgets for TV and the internet.

While managing the marketing dollars for local businesses, I found a common theme with each, to be as ‘effective as possible’ with monies spent, and if ‘doing good’ fits in, then all the better.

As an example, a local restaurant gives 20% of a days sales to a partnering nonprofit.  This has generated thousands of dollars for organizations just like yours.

The result: You BOTH benefit.  You generate support, monies you weren’t expecting, and the Business gains new customers.

This is good news for local nonprofits that can learn how to harness the opportunity!

I created WhatIfWeCould as a marketing system that focuses on creating stories with video and connecting nonprofits to the community and businesses. A recent initiative, ‘Central Oregon Gives’ helped facilitate 72 local nonprofits raise more than $575,000 of end of year giving.

I LOVE working with nonprofits, big and small –  you are passionate, glass half full kind of people and if I can help, I want to.  I have options to fit all budgets from $150 per year and up – let’s figure something out.

After filling out the form below, you’ll receive an email with a link to a page that shows exactly how your organization will benefit.

Thanks for taking the time, I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.