Imagine a community that didn’t wait until the end of the year to give back, but it was a monthly occasion, where the community embraced nonprofits for one week per month – in small tangible projects that anyone could choose to be a part of, opportunities that included a) volunteering, b) in-kind giving and c) small donation giving for defined projects, designed to give the community an understanding of what a nonprofit does, and how you can help.

What would our community look and feel like if we together supported local nonprofits that are making our community a better place for everyone?

WhatIfWeCould’s goal is to offer a service to nonprofits, many have called Supplemental Outreach.  Watch the video below, if it resonates with you, please continue below, we’d like to talk with you further.

Thanks for watching the video, does it resonate with you?  Have you calculated the number of stakeholders you have, and what that could mean in terms of reach?  We all like, we share but we don’t do it in a systematic way to get the biggest bang from our efforts.  WhatIfWeCould is here to do the heavy lifting. In less than 2 hours, we will work with a nonprofit in identifying projects that might make sense for the community – then go to work in produce videos and social media collateral to bring your nonprofit to top of mind status in our community.

The form below helps us identify what 28 nonprofits WhatIfWeCould will promote in 2020.  There are no wrong answers, a nonprofit that has 100 followers compared to another that has 1,000 figures into how we make a decision on who to work with, but it does not determine the ultimate decision, we look at all the answers and will go from there.

Thank you again for going through the application. We plan to go through the applications by the end of August and be in touch if there are any questions before making our decision.