WhatIfWeCould exists to unify community support & drive maximum impact through nonprofits


WhatIfWeCould does this by connecting people and resources in the community with nonprofits and the projects they are driving to address the needs of the community.


WhatIfWeCould (WIWC) provides a web platform that enables nonprofits to easily share opportunities where people can get involved to meet needs in the community through financial support, donations in-kind, and or unique service opportunities.

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WIWC provides a web platform that enables community partners (such as local Chamber of Commerce organizations, businesses, Churches, and other organizations) to amplify the impact they are having in the community by: 

  • Making it easy to identify specific nonprofits or service opportunities they want to support
  • Making it easy to communicate those opportunities to their people  and to rally them to get involved
  • Making it easy for them to share what they are doing and to invite people in their sphere of influence to join them to help make a difference (while also building good will based on increased awareness for the ways they are giving back to the community)

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WIWC provides a web platform that curates some of the greatest needs in the community so that individuals can easily identify ways that they can contribute their time, talents (skills), or treasures (money and resources) to make a difference. 

WIWC also makes it easy for individuals to share those opportunities with others in their sphere of influence to get more people involved so that together we can make an even greater impact in our communities.

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