As seen in the Source Weekly, Bend Oregon

Three Simple Strategies To Help Get The Word Out About Your Nonprofit:

#1 – Give them something to talk about. 

Don’t be intimidated, but you need to become a storyteller. Not a 45 minute presentation storyteller, but a representative of your nonprofit that can tell the story, why you became, who it involves, why it matters, who benefits.

You ability to look at your organization and find stories – is the key to your success. The community would probably love what you are doing, but do they know who you are beyond your logo and tagline?

#2 – You Never Know Who They Know. 

So don’t assume that just because someone is volunteering at an event, serving cocktails that they don’t have the attention of someone that could make an incredible difference in your organization.

In this day and age of social media; friends, ideas, connections and thought sharing all run together – you NEVER know who can easily pass along your vision and passion to another. Be prepared, have something to talk about or an asset that is easy to share!

#3 – Be Transparent With The Organizations Activities. 

Don’t count on your logo and tagline to carry the day. Tell the stories of your organization, big and small, show the work you’re putting in to make a difference. Communities want to be a part of a cause – I call it bite-sized engagement opportunities. Have an idea that the community could help out – maybe raise $1,000 for something specific – give the community a chance to be part of something they can say they participated with. People want to give, people want to volunteer, people want to give back in the form of items, help them, present the opportunity. When you do this, you will build an awareness of your brand far beyond the logo and tagline – you’ll be developing a relationship.

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