What If We Could? – the question someone asked before they started their venture into becoming a nonprofit. It’s also the question seasoned nonprofits and boards should continue to ask. How can we serve more or better?…leads right into What If We Could?

WhatIfWeCould.com is a web platform that showcases local nonprofits with bite sized projects. Whether is be a Volunteer Project, In-Kind Giving Opportunity or straight Donation, with each nonprofit being showcased 3 times per year, they have a tremendous opportunity to show the community aspects of their organization, many aren’t aware of.

WhatIfWeCould is available to discuss the program with the Executive Director, the Board and even passionate donors that would like to see the organization get more exposure to the community.

If you would like more information, please feel free to reach out to Rys Fairbrother at 541-848-7535, or rys@WhatIfWeCould.com