Doing good doesn’t just help others. It boosts your child’s confidence, happiness, and health too.

In this busy busy world its often hard to stay present with activities that will pay off in the long run. In an article in Parenting Magazine (click here to read in its entirety) it spoke of how giving back is good for children to do – giving confidence and happiness, two reasons that ought to be good enough for any of us parents.

Admittedly, when I created WhatIfWeCould, my end goal was not necessarily to serve parents or children, but as a tool to get nonprofits exposure. But now that the site has recently launched and we’re now showcasing our second set of 7 nonprofits – I see how this can be a great tool for parents with children of any age. Sitting down each month and learning of 7 new nonprofits and projects the family can support (Volunteer, In-Kind or small Donations), the child will get a better sense of community, its needs and what it feels like to give back!

Please take a look at the article above and consider making WhatIfWeCould part of your family meetings – I believe it will be a great exercise, that will pay off.


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