Thank you!

Your consideration of taking the pledge – no matter what option you choose below, is fantastic news for the community. The more pledges made, the more awareness we can bring to local nonprofits making a difference. Just imagine if we can get 50 pledges – if the average person or business has just 250 friends or customers on social media, we could potentially get in front of 12,500 people! That type of awarness can truly make a difference! Thank you!

In the Loop

Show your support with a Force for Good badge on your social or website + receive an email each month of the months upcoming nonprofit initiatives.

Community Partner

This option includes all of “In the Loop”, plus placement of your name or company’s name in local print publication announcing all community members taking the pledge.

Founding Partner

You’re a Founding Partner in bringing the WhatIfWeCould service to your community.

– Recieve heart “We are a Force for Good – Founding Sponsor, placement on website, social media and email

– Logo listed in the full page ad under the moniker “Founding Partners”

– Logo on each portal page of community nonprofits in your region

– Optional personal introductions to local nonprofits with ideas on collaboration