Helping real estate brokers
become community change agents.

The power of the web to spotlight local needs. The power of crowdsourcing to meet them.


More than most, you see the disconnect between your community’s urgent needs and its ample resources.

  • Hurting people and neighborhoods
  • Undeserved and underfunded nonprofits
  • Business leaders who want to get involved but don’t know where to begin
  • People who would gladly donate time and money but are unaware of needs and ongoing initiatives

What if we could make it easy for you to conenct those in need with those who want to help?

Let us help you launch the Giveback Portal, so your community can flourish.

TESTIMONIAL Local businesses are taking the pledge to leverage their brands and social goodwill to build support for important nonprofit initiatives.

TESTIMONIAL As more local businesses take the pledge, a larger share of the community sees, becomes aware of and supports key community initiatives.

When you leverage your influence to bring good businesses and good nonprofits together, your whole community wins!

Become a Founding Sponsor of What If We Could in Your Community

1. Commit to lead the change.

2. Launch your own Giveback Portal. (We’ll help with all the details – true plug and play setup.)

3. Watch your community flourish!

Brokers can be a force for good.

Local community needs often go unaddressed despite the fact that many residents stand ready to help. The problem isn’t willingness, it’s ignorance. Most don’t see the problem you see everyday.

What If We Could offers a convenient solution for business leaders like you to change this narrative. Our simple online Giveback Portal enables you to raise awareness and support for key nonprofit initiatives that align with your own corporate mission.

When you leverage your influence and launch WhatIfWeCould in your city, your colleagues and customers become aware of-and start supporting-the good works of vital nonprofits.