Countdown to Launch of First 7 Nonprofits!

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Join Us in Giving Back to the Community

The goal of WhatIfWeCould is to feature local nonprofits to a community that may not know who or what they do.  Rather than flash a logo and create “fund” projects, we feature a nonprofit 3x per year, featuring them differently each time.
– VOLUNTEERING: projects that give a peek into a specific aspect of the nonprofit.
– IN-KIND GIVING: projects that highlight certain needs, such as; diapers and baby wipes, or packs of hand sanitizers, specific needs we can fill.
– FUNDRAISING: this is not a platform for raising all the money a nonprofit needs for the year.  Instead, it was designed to raise a modest amount of funds for a specific need, $2,500 or less.

There are three ways you can help!

Participation = Better Community

Choose one (or more) bite-sized projects to support each month.  Great activity for the entire family – check out 7 new causes each month and make a family decision to volunteer, drop off an in-kind product or donate whatever amount.  Be an example of giving back and making Central Oregon a great place – better for everyone!

Become a Social Ambassador

Time to flex your social media muscles!  Help support the community by sharing projects each month on social media.  You’ll get a sneak peak of the projects each month – then play a role in getting the word out.  Its time to cash in on your social media prowess – and benefit the community.  To learn more sign up here.

Be A Corporate Sponsor

Have a nonprofit that is near and dear to your heart? You’ve probably donated and give back, and that’s great, but what if we could activate the community to give $2 for every $500 you’ve given?  That’s what we are doing…activating Central Oregon to get involved in small ways.  Contact Rys if you’re interested in learning more on how you can help drive this vision.

Have more questions on how you can help better our community?