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Zasic Listing

  • Deschutes Children Foundation

    Community Campuses - We are a home for nonprofits in Deschutes County. By providing our nonprofit partners with space and support to fulfill their missions, Deschutes Children’s Foundation increases their capacity to help children and families in our community. Our campuses are safe havens for people in need to find support and resources in convenient locations.
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  • Healthy Beginnings

    Healthy Beginnings was established in 1994 by 3 early childhood experts who saw the need to establish a way for families to identify concerns before entering school. Started as a grass roots organization, Healthy Beginnings has grown over the last 25 years, and has served more than 10,000 children across 3 counties.
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  • Voices Against Trafficking

    To help us save more victims from the savagery of human trafficking, please choose one of the options below. Voices Against Trafficking™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your voice, your resources, and your support each impact how many innocents we can save.
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  • Cascade Cannabis Association

    Cascade Cannabis Association (CCA) is an energized group of Central Oregon business leaders dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry in the region through responsible community collaboration, education and celebration. We work in support of our legal industry through cooperation with regulators and education of public and private sectors. We foster community through educational workshops, mixers, webinars and community events.
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  • Cascade Theatrical Theatre

    Our commitment is to enrich the Central Oregon community experience by bringing live theatre, film arts, music, dance, and storytelling to our stage. We connect the community by creating equal opportunity for all who want to participate in the education, collaboration, performance, and production of the Performing Arts. Cascades Theatrical Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profi t organization, founded in 1978. We are a membership organization, where all aspects of our productions, on and offstage, are created by volunteers.
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  • Supporters of Literacy in Deschutes County

    The Supporters of Literacy in Deschutes County (SOLID) fund a wide range of literacy programs that improve the lives and futures of those who live among us. Our volunteers provide phonics and reading tutoring and donate books to underserved children grades K-3rd. We make grants to classroom teachers for literacy-based training and to local non-profits that offer literacy-focused programs. SOLID operates a non-profit bookstore that features thousands of high-quality donated books with proceeds funding our initiatives. Literacy programs create and strengthen equity and opportunity for people in our community of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and beliefs.
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  • Deschutes Cultural Coalition

    The Deschutes Cultural Coalition is one of 45 County and Tribal Coalitions of the Oregon Cultural Trust. The volunteers who serve on the Deschutes Cultural Coalition represent the various cultural areas supported by the trust: arts, humanities, history, heritage and preservation. Since 2003 we have vetted hundreds of proposals from county cultural organizations and granted them funds to ensure that the Arts are Available to All.
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  • ScaleHouse

    Scalehouse is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts center convening diverse thinkers for in-depth discussions, artistic collaborations, exhibitions and events, including Bend Design Week and our new home, Scalehouse Gallery (formerly At Liberty Arts Collaborative). Scalehouse believes our shared future presents complex challenges and opportunities, not just benefiting from creativity but requiring it. We are committed to programming that’s accessible yet provocative, extraordinary yet inclusive, and always with an eye toward a better future for all of us.
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  • Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Bunny Rescue

    At Ember’s our main focus is taking in unwanted bunnies (including special needs), spay/neuter, provide proper bunny care education, then adopt into loving, indoor homes. Being the only bunny rescue in Central Oregon since January 2019, we’ve taken in 123 bunnies, spay/neutered 82; adopted out 79 as of 10/31/20 and rely solely on volunteers and donations. We’re currently building a new bunny barn which allows us to take in almost triple the amount of bunnies surrendered. We have made a huge difference in the lives of bunnies so far and would benefit from any help provided.
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  • Family Resource Center of Central Oregon

    In a year filled with uncertainty, support for parents is more critical than ever before. Family Resource Center provides parenting education and support services through classes, home visits, support groups, and parent coaching. To keep everyone safe during the pandemic we have moved all programs to virtual settings and have expanded services to better support parents that need additional help. During these uncertain times, our goal is to do what we can to support parents and reduce stress in the home, keeping children safe and healthy.
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