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    • Deschutes Children Foundation

      Community Campuses - We are a home for nonprofits in Deschutes County. By providing our nonprofit partners with space and support to fulfill their missions, Deschutes Children’s Foundation increases their capacity to help children and families in our community. Our campuses are safe havens for people in need to find support and resources in convenient locations.
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    • Healthy Beginnings

      Healthy Beginnings was established in 1994 by 3 early childhood experts who saw the need to establish a way for families to identify concerns before entering school. Started as a grass roots organization, Healthy Beginnings has grown over the last 25 years, and has served more than 10,000 children across 3 counties.
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    • Voices Against Trafficking

      To help us save more victims from the savagery of human trafficking, please choose one of the options below. Voices Against Trafficking™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your voice, your resources, and your support each impact how many innocents we can save.
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    • Cascade Cannabis Association

      Cascade Cannabis Association (CCA) is an energized group of Central Oregon business leaders dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry in the region through responsible community collaboration, education and celebration. We work in support of our legal industry through cooperation with regulators and education of public and private sectors. We foster community through educational workshops, mixers, webinars and community events.
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    • Cascade Theatrical Theatre

      Our commitment is to enrich the Central Oregon community experience by bringing live theatre, film arts, music, dance, and storytelling to our stage. We connect the community by creating equal opportunity for all who want to participate in the education, collaboration, performance, and production of the Performing Arts. Cascades Theatrical Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profi t organization, founded in 1978. We are a membership organization, where all aspects of our productions, on and offstage, are created by volunteers.
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    • Supporters of Literacy in Deschutes County

      The Supporters of Literacy in Deschutes County (SOLID) fund a wide range of literacy programs that improve the lives and futures of those who live among us. Our volunteers provide phonics and reading tutoring and donate books to underserved children grades K-3rd. We make grants to classroom teachers for literacy-based training and to local non-profits that offer literacy-focused programs. SOLID operates a non-profit bookstore that features thousands of high-quality donated books with proceeds funding our initiatives. Literacy programs create and strengthen equity and opportunity for people in our community of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and beliefs.
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    • Deschutes Cultural Coalition

      The Deschutes Cultural Coalition is one of 45 County and Tribal Coalitions of the Oregon Cultural Trust. The volunteers who serve on the Deschutes Cultural Coalition represent the various cultural areas supported by the trust: arts, humanities, history, heritage and preservation. Since 2003 we have vetted hundreds of proposals from county cultural organizations and granted them funds to ensure that the Arts are Available to All. http://www.DeschutesCulturalCoalition.org
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    • ScaleHouse

      Scalehouse is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts center convening diverse thinkers for in-depth discussions, artistic collaborations, exhibitions and events, including Bend Design Week and our new home, Scalehouse Gallery (formerly At Liberty Arts Collaborative). Scalehouse believes our shared future presents complex challenges and opportunities, not just benefiting from creativity but requiring it. We are committed to programming that’s accessible yet provocative, extraordinary yet inclusive, and always with an eye toward a better future for all of us.
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    • Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Bunny Rescue

      At Ember’s our main focus is taking in unwanted bunnies (including special needs), spay/neuter, provide proper bunny care education, then adopt into loving, indoor homes. Being the only bunny rescue in Central Oregon since January 2019, we’ve taken in 123 bunnies, spay/neutered 82; adopted out 79 as of 10/31/20 and rely solely on volunteers and donations. We’re currently building a new bunny barn which allows us to take in almost triple the amount of bunnies surrendered. We have made a huge difference in the lives of bunnies so far and would benefit from any help provided.
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    • Equine Outreach

      Equine Outreach Inc. (EOI) has provided for the physical rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and sanctuary for neglected, abused and unwanted equines since 2004. We touch the lives of our community by providing a safe place for community groups and individuals to interact with, learn about and receive the healing benefi ts of interacting with horses. We work with law enforcement and a variety of other community groups to advocate for, educate about and provide support for equines and their owners around Central OR. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of senior and medically fragile rescues.
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    • Family Resource Center of Central Oregon

      In a year filled with uncertainty, support for parents is more critical than ever before. Family Resource Center provides parenting education and support services through classes, home visits, support groups, and parent coaching. To keep everyone safe during the pandemic we have moved all programs to virtual settings and have expanded services to better support parents that need additional help. During these uncertain times, our goal is to do what we can to support parents and reduce stress in the home, keeping children safe and healthy.
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    • First Story

      First Story is excited to bring affordable homeownership to Sisters, Oregon. The non-profit founded in Redmond in 1998, is dedicated to giving families a hand-up to homeownership. First Story’s approach is different — Through a unique partnership with builder Hayden Homes, First Story will provide zero-down and zero-interest, 30-year home loans on newly constructed Hayden Homes in the builder’s new McKenzie Meadows community. The 3-bedroom and 2-bath homes will be sold move-in ready with all appliances, washer & dryer and landscaping. Homes will be available to families below 80% of area median income who have completed NeighborImpact’s Home Buyer Education Class.
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    • New Each Morning

      Connecting Women Graduates of Recovery Programs to the resources they need to Succeed.
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    • Bend Science Station

      Understanding science is more critical than ever, making what we do at the Bend Science Station even more relevant. The Science Station provides hands-on laboratory experiences for over 7,500 Central Oregon students and their teachers every year. We empower young scientists by engaging them with the tools they need to be successful problem solvers, teaching them that science is a way to answer questions for the rest of their lives.
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    • St. Vincent de Paul of Redmond

      St. Vincent de Paul of Redmond, Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor and providing others with the opportunity to serve. St Vincent de Paul offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. It is this personalized involvement that makes the work of the Society unique. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless.
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    • Healthy Families Oregon-High Desert

      Healthy Families of the High Desert is a Healthy Families Oregon/Healthy Families America Program. It is a voluntary home visiting program that assists families in giving their newborn children a “healthy start” in life. The program offers weekly intensive home visits for families that need and accept extra support.
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    • Latino Community Association

      Our mission is to empower our Latino families to thrive by creating opportunities for advancement and building bridges that unite and strengthen our communities. We envision a cohesive and diverse region where all people are valued and empowered to participate and contribute to the health and prosperity of Central Oregon.
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    • Council on Aging of Central Oregon

      Aging impacts us all. Whether you are facing a crisis with a parent or loved one, or in need of assistance in navigating the aging experience, the Council on Aging is here to help. We provide services to overcome isolation and barriers to health, and to meet basic needs for seniors in Jefferson, Crook, and Deschutes counties.
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    • Desert Sky Montessori

      Give To Inspire a Life-long Love of Learning - Your contribution will offer more Central Oregon children the unique opportunity to follow their passions in a beautiful Montessori environment! Desert Sky Montessori is the only tuition free Montessori charter school in Central Oregon.
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    • J Bar J Boys Ranch

      Facilitating Positive Change for Youth: A residential treatment program for adjudicated teen boys, providing an opportunity to restructure thinking, succeed academically, and grow in responsibility. The newest initiative, a vocational program, is now open. By providing vocational training in addition to a strong academic curriculum, the opportunity for gainful employment increases.
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    • Children’s Forest of Central Oregon

      The Children’s Forest is a network of 28 public and non-profit organizations with the mission to unite our community to inspire lifelong connections to nature for all kids. Each year, our collective programs reach over 20,000 kids in Central Oregon and we provide schools and partners over $90,000 in funding to reduce barriers to accessing nature and provide programs for underrepresented populations.
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    • Big Brother Big Sisters

      Kids need someone to stand in their corner, to be there when they face challenges, and to inspire them. Twenty years of data tell us how mentors ignite the potential and make a long term difference in the lives of kids and families. Kids with mentors do better in school, achieve higher levels of education, and have stronger relationships than those without. What family doesn’t benefit from have and extra support person! “Bigs” and “Littles” are matched based on common interests. Those can range from mountain bike riding, creating science projects, or watching football; each match decides what they enjoy doing together. The same studies tell us that whatever the activity, it’s the relationship with the positive, caring, adult role model who makes the difference.
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    • EveryChild of Central Oregon

      Every Child partners with DHS child welfare to provide immediate and emergency tangible needs to children entering into the foster care system or at high risk of entering into foster care. These funds would go only to providing quick response to these requests. Frequently requested items are: car seats, clothing, pack n plays and beds. If you would like to learn more about Every Child, visit us online at http://www.EveryChildCentralOregon.org.
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    • Still Autistic

      The purpose of Still Autistic is… To provide services for the underserved adult autistic population (and any related support networks) including but not limited to: life skills development, job training and placement, professional workshops, community engagement, mental health and wellness services, social connection, and identification and connection to community partners and resources. To provide an open process by which members can contribute to and create a self supporting community.
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    • We Are Sage

      We are a community of advocates who believe that each generation should improve the quality of life for the next. Everyone is an asset, despite their age. People over fifty have energy, wisdom and resources that are vital to the well-being of our communities. Through workshops, discussions and leadership development, SAGE inspires and supports adults to give forward so younger and future generations thrive.
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    • Think Wild

      Think Wild is a public non-profit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center located in Bend, Oregon. Our mission is to not only to provide the necessary veterinary care for injured native wildlife, but to ultimately reduce the need for wildlife rehabilitation. Through education, outreach, and conservation services, Think Wild works to ensure sustainable growth for humans and wildlife in Central Oregon for years to come.
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    • Deschutes River Conservancy

      The Deschutes River Conservancy has been dedicated to bringing people together to create consensus-based solutions to complex water issues in the basin since 1996. Through our partnerships, the DRC has been able to restore more than 93,000 gallons per minute to our local rivers and streams. Just 25 years ago, flows in the Middle Deschutes (shown left) would get so low in the summer months, that fish habitat would be severely impacted.
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    • Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity

      Bend-Redmond Habitat builds strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership for families and individuals in Bend and Redmond. Since 1989, Bend-Redmond Habitat has built 158 homes and repaired 146 more, providing more than 1039 children and adults a secure and healthy home. All proceeds from the ReStore benefit Bend-Redmond Habitat’s mission.
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    • World Muse

      World MUSE is a non-profit organization committed to supporting women and youth as change-makers. We believe in the enormous potential of individuals to inspire positive change in their communities and in our world. World MUSE has been providing programming and platforms to inspire positive social change for over a decade.
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    • Wild Heart Therapy + Coaching

      We are on a mission to provide quality mental health services and experiential education to youth, women, and families as they navigate through life’s transitions. WHTC programs utilize the natural environment and adventure- based experiences to promote positive changes in behavior and overall well-being. We offer counseling, life coaching, and wilderness wellness services aimed at encouraging healthy risk-taking and personal growth. Utilizing our area’s natural resources, and led by mental health professionals, sessions are educational and therapeutic in focus and designed to help clients improve social skills, enhance psychological resilience, and develop healthy lifestyle behaviors.
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    • Every Child Central Oregon

      Hospitality is the cornerstone of Every Child. Volunteers embody this each and every day with Every Child. Every Child focuses on meeting tangible needs for children in foster care and families in Oregon communities. Opportunities differ from county to county. Sign up to learn more!
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    • Crook County Foundation

      Crook County Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization building positive futures for our children, families, businesses and civic groups by fostering investment in leadership, education and the arts.
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    • The Giving Plate

      The Giving Plate opened its doors in April 2010 through the efforts of Gary & Debra Kelso. Their Christ-centered passion was to serve the community during a poor economic time where many were struggling to make ends meet. Initially, they thought helping 500 families have food on their table would be amazing, but within months from opening they had registered that 500th family and they began to realize the need was much bigger than they ever imagined. The community need for food continued to rise at an astounding rate, and has not let up. At The Giving Plate we purpose to serve our guests with compassion and hospitality, and we are intentional in our efforts to remove the "clinical experience" of entering a food bank.
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    • SMART Reading

      Reading matters. It’s an early gateway skill that paves the pathway for future success. Without it, kids are simply less likely to graduate high school, find employment, or successfully avoid other hardships like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and injustice.
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    • Better Together Central Oregon

      Volunteer Central Oregon connects people of all ages with volunteer opportunities in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties, with an emphasis on service for and by youth. We believe that a strong culture of volunteerism is a force for building hope and community in our region.
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    • Equine Outreach

      Equine Outreach Inc. (EOI) has provided for the physical rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and sanctuary for neglected, abused and unwanted equines since 2004. We touch the lives of our community by providing a safe place for community groups and individuals to interact with, learn about and receive the healing benefi ts of interacting with horses. We work with law enforcement and a variety of other community groups to advocate for, educate about and provide support for equines and their owners around Central OR. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of senior and medically fragile rescues.
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    • KICKcancER

      We are a movement inspired to help families thrive through childhood cancer. Our goal is to empower through education—teaching the importance of real food, real health, and how to implement it into real life—both during and after treatment. How we make a difference: Donations go towards our 3 main programs. We send out Kickstart kits so families can implement natural solutions. We provide an online 30 day thrive program. Lastly, we empower cancer fighting athletes with our KICKcancER athletic scholarships to get them back out doing the things they love.
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    • Sunriver Music Festival

      FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL - Membership is vital to the Festival's sustainability. Known for over four decades of leadership in running a fiscally sound classical music festival for Central Oregon residents and visitors, members play a big part in helping make the music happen!
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    • Street Dog Hero

      Street Dog Hero has been able to fly hundreds of dogs from around the globe to loving homes in the Pacific Northwest. By focusing her rescue efforts on dogs living outside of the United States, Marianne seeks to fill a void in rescue operations. Street Dog Hero has saved dogs from Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, China, South Korea, Albania, and dogs from overcrowded shelters in Texas, Ohio, and California.
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    • Bethlehem Inn

      Since 1999, Bethlehem Inn has been committed to transforming lives together with shelter, help and hope. We believe in the worth of every human being and know that when people have the right tools, they can reclaim their dignity and transition towards stability and self-suffi ciency. As the largest emergency shelter in Central and Eastern Oregon, we provide a warm, safe place to sleep, three nourishing meals each day, and case management services for up to 150 adults and children every night.
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    • St. Vincent De Paul

      At St. Vincent de Paul Bend, we provide dignity and stability to those with low income in our community. We do this by providing for basic needs, as well as assisting in crisis situations when help is need- ed most. This year that has been more applicable than ever, as we provided over 290,000 meals to the community, kept the heat and utilities on for 829 households, and provided ID’s and clothing for 300 individuals looking for work. 100% of community donations go directly to support low-income families in Central Oregon.
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    • High Desert Food & Farm Alliance

      Supporting a healthy and thriving food and farm network in Central Oregon through education, collaboration, and inclusivity.
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    • Rock Bottom Hope

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    • Furry Freight Shelter Transport

      Saving shelter pets one road trip at a time. Furry Freight partners with shelters in overpopulated areas where pets are at risk of euthanasia. We transport the pets to our partner shelters in the Pacific Northwest where they are quickly adopted into loving homes. Just by changing their location, pets go from unwanted and discarded to loved members of the family.
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