• Gas Money To Gather The Homeless (Shepherd’s House Ministries)

      SHEPHERD'S HOUSE MINISTRIES >> From November through mid-March, when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, Shepherd’s House Ministries opens their three overnight, emergency Cold Weather Shelters to care for the homeless. Part of the support they provide is driving throughout rural Central Oregon to transport the homeless to one of these emergency shelters.
      $175.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
    • Help Others Stay Warm This Winter (COVO)

      CENTRAL OREGON VETERANS OUTREACH >> It’s that time of year most of us huddle up around the fireplace...unfortunately, that’s not the case for all in Central Oregon. Central Oregon Veterans Outreach needs your help in assisting those less fortunate. This is an in-kind project with 5 items needed: Hand Warmers, Sleeping Pads, Back Packs, Propane Tanks and Brown Tarps. Please consider picking these up and dropping by COVO, across from Fred Meyer on 3rd street.
      150 In-kind givers of 310
    • Help Open The Doors To Serve Up To 150 Teens In Need Each Day (Beulah’s Place)

      BEULAH'S PLACE >> Beulah’s Place will soon have a new home, although its new to us, it needs a little work. After repairs are complete, we will be fully functional and can serve up to 150 teens per day! In order for us to open, we need to repair and replace portions of the bathrooms and a full sized water heater for hot water. We have a contractors bid of $2,502 for all the work we need to move in. With your support we can be serving these deserving teens soon!
      $110.00 donated of $2,502.00 goal
    • Be Part Of A Night At The Show (BEAT)

      BEAT Children’s Theatre has a great volunteering opportunity for the community to participate in. BEAT is producing an exciting edition of HONK! and could use some volunteers to make this an even more enjoyable event for the public.
      8 volunteers of 16 volunteers
    • 5 Dances For Those That Don’t Typically Have The Opportunity (Central Oregon Collective)

      The Central Oregon Collective is putting on 5 dances in 2019 These are for individuals that don’t typically have the opportunity to tear up the dance floor. Your donation will go directly to the expense of hiring the band “Geezer Rock”, refreshments and desserts. This is a highlight for the individuals we support, giving them a break from the mundane. Thank you for your support!
      $10.00 donated of $1,500.00 goal
    • Volunteer And Make A Child’s Day Brighter! (MountainStar)

      MOUNTAIN STAR >> What if we could bring kiddos into a loving, creative, and clean environment? That’s exactly what MountainStar does and if you would volunteer one afternoon onsite and lend a little elbow grease it would make a huge difference in a kiddos experience. Help us make the most inviting space possible. Let’s make their therapeutic classroom shine!
      7 volunteers of 15 volunteers
    • Donate Some Necessities for Seniors (Redmond Senior Center)

      The Redmond Senior Center is a central place for services and activities for our community. Its primary purpose is to enhance the lives of older adults by offering: Health and Social Services Educational Programs Recreational Activities Nutrition Program Card Our daily meals and meals-on-wheels program is a needed resource in the community, and greatly appreciates any support.
      149 In-kind givers of 180