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Bringing the heart out

Although the original WhatIfWeCould logo was good; a circle of 4 people coming together, delivering a message of “coming together”, it just didn’t have the punch we were looking for. It didn’t conjure up the heart of what we’re trying to instill in people as they learned about the site.

I recently met with Paul of Kinetic Branding, a local firm responsible for local brands such as the orange Journey Church flame you see on many cars in Bend, Microsoft projects and many others. He felt similarly, that although the logo was nice, it could be so much more.

A week or so later Paul had a few ideas that were really close to what the final version has become. Two people holding hands, creating a W, but most importantly, the heart that was created by bringing the hands together. What we got in the end, is just what was needed – bringing out the heart – in the logo as well as the meaning of What If We Could – the heart we all have in serving others.

By creating a platform to connect people and organizations, we’re coming together in love to ultimately create a better community.

It all starts with someone saying “What If We Could?”…the answer being, TOGETHER WE CAN!

Thank you Paul for an awesome logo that truly brings out the sentiment of the What If We Could platform.

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Greg’s Grill – Sponsors Local Nonprofit

Greg’s Grill sponsors a local nonprofit here in Central Oregon.  A long donor to Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, Andre Gregoriou, General Manager of Greg’s Grill, was enthused to feature its long time target of donations, showcasing it to others in the community that may not know about the organization.


J.W. the President of COVO was pleased with the opportunity and looks forward to engaging the community, to learn more and be given the opportunity to give back to a cause that operates in large part on local donations.

Thank you to Gregs Grill and COVO for participating in our inaugural launch of WhatIfWeCould!


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BendTel Sponsors Shepherd’s House

BendTel has partnered with WhatIfWeCould to sponsor 4 nonprofits in 2019.  The first nonprofit to benefit is Shepherd’s House.  Thank you BendTel!

WhatIfWeCould and BendTel have plans to launch co-branded marketing campaigns to show BendTel’s commitment to the community, and bring awareness to WhatIfWeCould, as we strive to make it a monthly event.  Please consider becoming a patron of BendTel and celebrate their making our community better!

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