No more sexual education – What If We Could?

No more sexual education

No more sexual education

2 years agoopen0

Let’s go back to the basics.
I’m not okay with the schools deciding that they need to push becoming trans, bi, gay etc on our students. School isn’t the place for that. I believe that medical professionals should be the only people teaching the process of sex change. It’s no secret that schools swing to the left, and while I’m good with whatever/whomever someone decides to be, school isn’t the place.

We’ve lost sight of sex education. What happened to handing bananas to kids to learn to put on a condom? Or what all the sexually transmitted diseases are? Or where and how can girls get protection like birth control. I’m so tired of hearing this new sexual education being shoved on kids and then them walking away more confused and with no further SEX education. I also believe it needs to start happening at appropriate grade levels. Not in elementary schools. Middle school is pushing it.

There is information that needs to be given at home and some at school. How to become transgender is not something needing to be in school, it’s something where the kids should start that conversation at home or with a medical professional.

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